New Portfolios

New Illustration, Art and Map Portfolios

I've just created a series of portfolios in addition to my primary portfolio.

It's come to my attention that sometimes potential clients need a narrowly scoped portfolio. Art Directors, Creative and Marketing Directors and other department heads are busy and have limited time. Being presented with exactly what you are looking for makes life easier. I'm also frequently initially contacted by Human Resources staff or other folks who only know what the Art Director (for instance) requested in writing, but couldn't identify vector art or isometric drawing in a portfolio unless it's very clearly identified.

As a result of this epiphany I created these specialized sub-portfolios. Most of the content is a subset of my main portfolio, but there are instances where I have included additional works. I try to keep my main portfolio a little lean so some works that have been removed form that portfolio over time have been brought back for some of these sections. For instance I had almost completely removed paintings from my portfolio, but I've brought those works back in their own portfolio gallery. Most of the portfolio galleries are more pragmatic. For instance I really do get a lot of inquiries into vector illustration (sometimes specifically illustrated vector maps) and isometric renderings. I am also trying to cultivate greater interest in illustrated maps specifically for the resort industry. I'm also trying to increase awareness of my architectural rendering capabilities.


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