Maps Using Geodata Portfolio


Custom Parking Map Using GeoData
Transit Map using GeoData
Local Points of Interest Map
Boat Show Bus Map


Geodata is computerized geographical data that can be used to create maps and add information to those maps like street names and locations, compass coordinates, topography and demographics as well as all kinds of other stuff. Software to combine this data into a single map is called GIS or geographic information system software.

These maps weren't created using fancy GIS software like ArcGIS but they were created using geodata in conjunction with other software I use like Illustrator from Adobe and Sketchup. Maps with all of these streets and stuff require an outside source for information because just tracing it from somewhere is inefficient and usually inaccurate. By accessing geodata I can make my maps more accurate and sometimes make them faster. Of course I put my own look and feel spin on the maps, placing emphasis where needed etc. Geodata isn't the right tool for every job, but when needed it can make a huge difference.


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