Laptop Battery Replacement

Replacing a laptop battery

Laptop Battery Replacement
This post isn't directly about illustration or graphics but some of the behind the scenes maintenance that has to take place to keep the illustration or graphics going.

I don't always have the luxury of time to ship my hardware to the manufacturer for repairs and I have the skills to make most repairs and upgrades myself. These repairs and upgrades are easier on a desktop than todays super slim laptops, but some can still be done. Be forewarned that if you choose to do this type of thing most laptop manufacturers today void your warranty the minute you open the case. This seems weird to me since I've built my own computers and I thought I bought the laptop and not just the right to use it but whatever.

About this repair...
I noticed that my battery had begun to swell and force my case to open some. This has happened before and rendered my touchpad useless, so if your touchpad stops working that might also be a sign of a swelling battery. A swollen battery is caused by a gas expansion within your lithium ion battery that can lead to explosion and fire which is bad.
I'm not going to go into specifics of replacing a laptop battery mainly because the precise process varies by make and model. I suggest YouTube and Google searches for instructions for your precise laptop. You will probably need some tiny Phillips head or Torx head screwdrivers, but that's usually all you'll need.

You the difference in the photos between the bad, swollen battery and the new slim and flat one.

Laptop Battery Replacement


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