New Logo for a Clothing Line

Hang Tag Art - Logo design for upscale men's eco-friendly hemp clothing line

Final Design

Hang Tag Art - Substance clothing company in Calabasas, California was looking for a logo that would represent their mission which is to educate through fashion. Their line is beginning as a men's line, utilizing hemp in a surprisingly modern and urban chic and edgy style with the tag line "look within." The clothing is meant for the "thinking man", thus the use of Rodin’s sculpture as a design element.

One of the more complex design proposals

Linda and Pattye from Substance had such a clear idea of what they wanted that the process was relatively smooth. Although we kicked around several concepts one of the earliest versions ended up becoming the final.

Screen printed inside each article of clothing will be a story, fact, tidbit of information about hemp regarding its history, uses, and potential for replacing diminishing natural resources that are of particular concern in today's dwindling options. Some shirts will also include an outside graphic related to the inside information.

I'm proud to be a part of an eco-conscious and socially responsible endeavor. I look forward to seeing what comes next for Substance.
Keep checking to see what they're doing for yourself.