Map Video

I was recently subcontracted by City Streetz, a full service graphics shop here in Fort Lauderdale, to create a map for The Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum highlighting some of Florida's Seminole Indian heritage. City Streetz frequently calls upon me for illustration projects and, of course, maps.

Map Cover (and back cover on left)

The Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum had an existing map, but it was very dated, so my task was to bring it up to date. The map was to be in a poster format (34'X22") that folded down to 8.5"X11". For the map itself, this meant completely recreating it and for the rest of the panels on the map the previous design could serve as a rough guide. I screen captured some of the highlights of the project in time lapse video. I hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about City Streetz visit and for more information on the Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum visit To see a zoomable map (if you don't already) click the "more" link below.