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Escape Key Graphics LogoEscape Key Graphics LogoEscape Key Graphics Logo

Escape Key Graphics LogoI just designed a new logo for Escape Key Graphics. This is my third logo design. The last logo was designed around 2008. I'm not sure how far back the first logo goes, but way back.

I still have a fondness for my original illustrative logo, but I had too many questions like what is my relation to the aviation industry and other such stuff. When you use an illustration for a logo you open yourself up to these misinterpretations. I decided later to update and simplify. I tried to go a little "Web 2.0". I don't know if you remember that fad, but you had to be it because it was the least until the future actually got here. Anyhow I integrated some isometric looking geometry to relate to the many isometric maps I made and although it's a good logo I never warmed up to it. I have always liked either full blown illustration or extreme minimalism in a logo, and it just wasn't minimal enough for me. It also didn't capture the serene feeling I want Escape Key Graphics to exude.

The newest logo reflects the Zen like minimalism I have longed for and should be easily recognizable even at a glance or greatly reduced in scale. The lack of color should keep the emphasis where it belongs...on the accompanying artwork. I also reduced the prominence of "graphics" in the logo. I want to begin to move away from that term since I am an illustrator and map maker far more than a graphic designer. I think the term has been necessary for marketing to first time industry customers, but it just isn't that accurate in my case.

I think I have a logo here that I will stick with for years and years to come. I hope you like the new logo and the new projects I will have coming up soon.