South Florida Covid Friendly Activity

Street art augmented reality self tour

Illustration/Art by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

street art
Here's something you can do in beautiful Pembroke Pines that shouldn't involve masks or social distancing.

I created ten pieces of art to decorate utility boxes around Pembroke Pines, Florida. Driving around and seeing them is already kind of like an art exhibit from your car, but six of them also feature augmented reality.
Using your smart phone or a tablet you can see animation in part of the artwork. There's a quick example video below.

Here's how it works...
Be sure to park legally if you're driving. Walk to the box location and install the Eyejack app on your phone. Scan the QR code on the box and then use the app to see this augmented reality experience.

I've provided a map below of all box locations through Google Maps. The ones with augmented reality art are Florida Wilderness, Florida Wetlands, City Center, 1960s, Sports and North Perry Airport. I'm not saying the others aren't worth walking to (they are) but they don't have augmented reality. If you want more information on each box (or set of boxes) there are links below the Google Map.


Sports urban art  Illustration
Wetlands Public Art Illustration
Public Art
wilderness Illustration
Public Art Illustration
Public Art Illustration
Public Art Illustration
Public Art Illustration
City Center Illustration
City Center Illustration