HM69 Short Documentary

HM69 Documentary Created in Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro

Illustration, Design and Animation by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

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I created this short documentary to showcase some of my skills. The vector illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator then animated in Adobe After Effects and finally edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. There was a little Photoshop thrown in as well and I did some styling on some of the vintage video footage in After Effects. 3D animation was done in Sketchup. The video combines animation with vintage video to tell a story. I chose the topic of HM69 because it lends itself to some animation and it's a topic surrounded by public domain footage (I also find it fascinating). HM69 is a great place to visit and the National Park Service has been a wonderful caretaker of HM69 and very generous in opening it to the public. If you want to visit check out

A very short documentary about HM69 which is a Nike Hercules Missile Battery left over from the cold war located in the Everglades National Park in Homestead, Florida. It is open to guided tours at certain times of the year. It is a wonderful cold war historic site and a visit is informative and educational dark tourism. The facility was built as a response to the Cuban Missile crisis and there were many more spread across South Florida, but only this one survives in a somewhat intact state. Although abandoned it stands as a grim reminder of the days of mutually assured destruction, duck and cover and the realistic threat of nuclear Armageddon. This film gives you a better idea of what the HM69 missile battery is and what is what built for.
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