Wetlands Illustration

Public art - illustration of a nature park

Illustration/Art by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
Project Management by Holly Bonkowski - Assistant Director of Cultural Arts - City of Pembroke Pines

wetlands illustration

This is one in a series of vinyl wrap illustrations I created for The City of Pembroke Pines, Florida. The illustrations are being used to beautify utility boxes at intersections throughout the city.

This specific box is at the intersection of Pines Boulevard and NW 172nd Avenue on the southeast corner. I suggested this specific concept and the city's Assistant Director of Cultural Arts, Holly Bonkowski, generously gave me lots of creative freedom. She does like my vector based style so that was a given.

Before I began work I visited Chapel Trail Nature Preserve in Pembroke Pines several times and took photos and made note of the local flora and fauna.

wetlands sketch

First I submitted a sketch which was well received. In this case I didn't know the location of the box yet so I didn't know the size yet either. I tried to make a design that was flexible for adjustment.

wetlands mockupOnce a location was established I went on site and measured the box. I created both a flat, scale, projection drawing of the box and created a 3D model in Sketchup. The model allowed me to see how the sketch would really fit wrapped around the box and the flattened projection was necessary to create final art that wraps seamlessly around the box.

wetlands mockupOnce I had final artwork I used Sketchup to apply it to my 3D model and see what the final product should look like on the box as well as see how it looks from the position of drivers sitting at different locations at the intersection.

I collaborated closely with the vinyl printer and installer (Color Reflections) to ensure that my vision made it on to this utility box.

Be sure to look for this artwork at the intersection of Pines Boulevard and NW 172nd Avenue on the southeast corner. It's about two and a quarter miles west of Interstate 75.

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