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Logo Design - I've had some logos piling up that I hadn't yet included in the gallery, so I thought now was as good a time as any to add them.

Some like the "Tech or Treat" logo to the right are more illustrations than logos depending on the intended use. The "Tech or Treat", for instance, was to be used on T Shirts and stuff more than letterheads, and the client wanted all of that text included.

Most designs were done in Adobe Illustrator, although you will see some "by hand" drawing and a little bit of Photoshop work. Most of these logos were not published (which DOES NOT mean that they are public domain or free to use without my permission). They may reemerge in some other incantation in the future. I just didn't want to sit on them forever because of that. If they are being seen they are doing more good than if they are archived away. I may be adding a few more in the weeks to come, so keep coming back and having a look.

Logo Design

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