An International Boat Show Illustrated Map

International Boat Show Illustrated Map - Illustrated Map for an International Boat Show

I have just completed the map for the 2012 Newport International Boat Show for The Newport Exhibition Group. It was great to be working with folks up in Rhode Island and it was a real fun project. It was a nice opportunity to try to capture that New England feel in both my palette and my general design and illustration treatment. Of course there was the usual challenge of getting as much information on the map as possible while maintaining legibility and retaining the aesthetic appeal of the illustration. The Newport Exhibition Group and I are both pleased with the results.

My hat is off to The Newport Exhibition Group for their excellent integration of the maps into their website using Zoomify and combining them with their exhibitor lists. They are really using the maps to great effect, and I am sure their exhibitors and their guests are really going to like what they've done.

I screen captured much of the process of the map's construction and created a video from it. This is my first true full HD video. I hope you enjoy it.

The 42nd Annual Newport International Boat Show is September 13 - 16, 2012. Parking and transportation information can be found on the show website.

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International Boat Show Illustrated Map

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