Illustrated Maps as Signs

Maps as Signs

Maps as Signs - During my recent visit with my client in the Bahamas I was happy to see how my illustrated maps have been used as signage. They look great.

Durable signs like this can easily be printed on vinyl and applied either at a sign shop or right on location by a professional or a detail oriented amateur with minimal training. I am sure there are YouTube videos that will walk you right through the process.

Printed vinyl of this type is available most everywhere in the world and usually runs between $10 and $20 a square foot printed depending on things like where you are and whether or not you have it laminated. Lamination costs extra, but prolongs the life of the vinyl. Either way updates to an illustrated map sign are no longer cost prohibitive. The results are in-arguably very nice. The colors and resolution are generally superior to what you are used to from your home or office printer and sometimes dramatically so.

I usually encourage clients to use PVC sheets as a surface since it's durable and weather resistant. It does sometimes require reinforcement to keep from bending on larger signs, but the bracing usually needs to be replaced several times before the PVC is and the bracing is generally far less expensive.