Cover Illustrations


Over the years I've done quite a few cover illustrations for books, magazines and things like programs and annual reports. I want to show off a few here.

cover illustrations

Bone in Her Teeth book cover illustration This book cover was created in Adobe Illustrator and is entirely vector based. I also did the layout and design, some of which was done in Adobe Photoshop.

FLIBS program cover illustrationThis illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator and is entirely vector based just like the previous illustration.

Uncle Sam's book cover illustrationThe book cover for "Uncle Sam's" is a favorite of mine both for it's art deco style and use of vector art, but because it's a great story and the author is a great guy.

Miami boat show program cover illustrationThe Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show cover was my first boat show program cover. They had tended to use pretty girls for cover photos in the past so I went for sexy. It was a little too sexy and they had me raise the waist of her skirt some.

Stuart Boat Show program cover illustrationThis was an illustration I had done on speculation. I was happy to see it put to good use. It became a recurrent theme the next year as a modified two page spread.

Marine Biotech book cover illustrationThe client and I were both pleased with this vector illustration for Sea Grant but it was never published.

Phillip Singer book cover illustrationThis illustration was an actual oil painting on canvas. I think it was the last real painting I had published. I did the design and layout in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Around Town magazine cover illustrationThis was a heavily art directed project. It's not something I would normally do on my own but it was well received. Sometimes it's good to leave your comfort zone.