Illustrated map - Lime Tree Bay Resort

A map of a resort in the Florida Keys

Illustration and design by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
Art Direction: Claire Kunzman - Anything But Advertising

For information on Lime Tree Bay Resort please visit their official site.
Florida Keys Resort Map
I just had the pleasure of working with Claire Kunzman of Anything But Advertising one more time. She kept the project and me on track. Working with her is always a pleasure, but on this specific project I really appreciated her ability to keep several balls in the air at once and maintain order during a time that I was spread a little thin.

I changed the composition of this map a few times as I came to better understand the needs of my client. I shifted the focus more to the core of the facilities and toned down outlying areas. As far as the overhead map is concerned there were a lot details to discuss and it took a few revisions to get it just right.

Florida Keys Resort Map


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