The Suncoast Boat Show 2021 Map

Illustrated Boat Show Map for Exhibitors and Guests

Illustration and Design by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
For information on attending the Suncoast Boat Show please visit

boat show map

The publication of this map is a big deal to me. I was a squeaky wheel for many years wanting to do a map for this show. I even did some of the preliminary work on spec. When I finally got the go ahead the first time there was some type of unforeseen issue. I honestly don't remember what now, but it didn't happen. Then last year I did almost all of the work and Corona Virus hit and the show was canceled. Third time is a charm.
I attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota so this map is kind of sentimental to me. Sarasota isn't my home town but I do feel a deep connection to the place and it's nice to have my work seen in the area.


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