Iguana Drawing - Illustration

Illustration of an iguana

by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

iguana illustration
This illustration was hand drawn using graphite pencils on bristol board. The final drawing was scanned on a flatbed scanner.

This drawing is to be used on drink coasters at a new pool at the Boca Grove Golf & Tennis Club in Boca Raton, Florida. They had an example of a coaster they liked. It was a one color drawing that looked a little like an etching of a gharial wearing an old fashioned ladies' wicker hat with a butterfly perched on the tip of her nose.
They asked for a similar concept integrating an iguana. I immediately suggested an iguana drinking absinthe with a praying mantis, because that's how I think. Anyhow...I made a sketch of that and submitted it. It was well received and everything went smoothly. I got a little inspiration from the works of Heinrich Kley if you're interested. The sketch and the table with my reference and all getting ready to start the final drawing are below.
iguana illustrationdrawing preparationJohn Potter - Florida Illustrator


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