Custom Halftone Illustrations

Illustrations using custom made halftones

Illustration by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics




You may have seen my previous custom halftone illustrations for a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. I had been wanting to try this technique for some time. I give credit to inspiration by artist Lee Wagstaff.

Once I figured out a methodology that worked for me I wanted to do more and experiment more. These illustrations are all based on existing illustrations I have done, but the method could be used for photography or basically any image with the right amount of contrast. So far I have made some illustrations using a bold pattern, more subtle patterns and one that is reversed with the pattern being the light part of the illustration. Two of these works have been put into commercial use as I mentioned before. The three illustrations above are available on various items, especially apparel on my store site. I haven't experimented extensively with different types of patterns but the potential is there. I could imagine some logos working as a pattern. Contact me if you are interested in having such work done.

T Shirt DesignT Shirt Design


Siren of the sea
figure painting
Portrait in  lines
Robot in  lines
Game Room Mural
Tongue Illustration
Bubblegum Machine Painting


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