Figure Painting (acrylic and spray paint on 16"x16" panel)

Artist, Illustrator: John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
painting in acrylic and spray paintThis painting is of a girl relaxing with a glass of wine in a big easy chair.
This is the second in a series of paintings exploring the use of custom linear halftones which is the fancy title for the lines that make the image in this painting.

This painting was based on a sketch I had done as a book cover proposal. Although the publisher chose not to use any illustration on the cover, I really liked the sketch I had done and it felt more personal than most of my illustration work.
One goal of this painting was to experiment with mixed finishes on the same painting. The lines are matte while the background is very glossy. This is something photography cannot capture.

The painting is acrylic resin spray paint. The background is varnished to a shiny surface while the girl in the foreground is a velvety matte.


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