Illustrated map of a wildlife sanctuary, aviary, and botanical garden - Botanical Gardens Map

Illustration and design by John Potter
For information on Flamingo Gardens botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary please visit their website at

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Original Map | 2016 Map | 2022 Map

Artist, Illustrator, Designer: John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

Botanical Gardens Map - Click on the map above to zoom in. There are links above to the original map.
Flamingo Gardens is a wildlife sanctuary, aviary, and botanical garden located in South Florida. They have alligators, a bear, a Florida Panther and many birds of prey as well as many champion trees and a gardens that will wow anyone whether you are a horticulturalist or know pretty much nothing about plants. Flamingo Gardens is an affordable outing for an afternoon and although they don't have rides and it's not that kind of place it provides a soul soothing experience.
I have been doing illustration and design work for these folks for quite a while now and have produced many works for them that appear in my portfolio including the brochure side of the map featuring an original illustration I created. Also check out the rack card I designed and illustrated for them.


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If you are the manager of a botanical garden, a staff member for a Parks and Recreation department or have any similar job title part of your responsibility is helping guests to your park or parks find their way around without getting lost and I can help.

The term "parks" covers a lot from ball parks where kid's play matches to theme parks and nature preserve type parks. Over the years I've made maps for all kinds of parks, nature preserves, wildlife sanctuaries, botanical gardens, theme parks, you-pick agribusiness farms and just about anything else you could refer to as a park. In all cases finding what you are looking for geographically in a friendly and visually appealing manner was the task. I handle each project specific to the needs of the client and the location, so some the maps I've made are pretty realistic and range to a bit cartoon like. When you contact me about your map I will discuss your needs with you and together we can decide which approach is best for your venue.


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