Boat Show Map Site Plan Illustration

Illustration & design by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show "You Are Here" signs
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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Map Video
2013 54th Annual


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Axonometric and isometric drawings don’t have realistic perspective. I use specific mathematical formulas to draw this way. In these images things further away don’t appear smaller and therefore have equal weight of importance to things nearby. My axonometric maps and illustrations are generally bold and have a slightly cartoon like look. This method of rendering perspective is commonly used in technical and engineering drawings. I began using this method of drawing as an illustration tool in 2007.

The difference between isometric and axonometric is isometric drawings are really just from a straight on corner angle but axonometric drawings can be from other angles. Most of my illustrations have parts that are isometric, but are largely axonometric. I have a habit of calling them all isometric, but I shouldn't.


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