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Artist / Illustrator: John Potter - Escape Key Graphics


Florida scene mural
Greek theme mural
Column Murals
Caribbean mural
tentacles mural
mycenaean style mural
hummingbird mural

My mural business has been picking up lately so come back here often to check for updates.

When I was six I won an art contest to paint a storefront window for Christmas so I guess that was technically my first mural. I was not a very savvy business man and didn't document my work so it isn't shown here.

My mural work has been utilized for both residential and commercial properties, both interior and exterior.

At this point I am more of a traditional mural artist largely utilizing brushes and traditional methods. I am making efforts to learn new, faster and better methods all the time but I am not utilizing things like spray paint a lot yet. I have a traditional painting background rather than a graffiti type background.

My murals have tended to be either pretty realistic or highly stylized graphics. There are some exceptions such as.. I recently painted some columns that represented three environments inhabited by cartoon characters I have developed.

All of my murals to date have been acrylic. For interior murals this makes it easy for them to be painted over if ever needed. Houses in particular do end up for sale eventually and not everyone shares the same good taste.
Recently I have been coating some of my exterior work with a resin based anti-graffiti coating that protects the mural from both UV rays and vandalism. It does however render them permanent.

You can get an idea of the scales I have been working at from the samples above. Please have a look and contact me about your mural needs.


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