Mermaid Illustration

Vector Illustrated Mermaid

Illustration by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
vector illustrated mermaid

I did the sketch below as a proposal for a client. It was rejected (it was not applicable to their needs) but I really liked the sketch and wanted to carry it to some state of completion for my portfolio and as an exercise. I wanted to get a little of the feel of the works of 1970s illustrator Doug Johnson. I still may come back to this illustration later. I feel it still has more potential, but I think it's ready to show.


vector illustration detail

Contact me if you would like to have a vector illustration for your project.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector based illustration program made by Adobe Systems. Vector graphics are based on shapes. The shapes are defined by points along their edges that control the direction, bend, and other values. Adobe illustrator is the industry standard for vector rendering.

I have used other packages for vector illustration over the years including Freehand and CorelDRAW. In the end Illustrator became my primary choice for vector illustration and graphic design. I still export vector art from programs like Sketchup and Maperitive, but those files still get imported into Illustrator at some point. I have been using Illustrator since about 1990.

I frequently use Adobe Illustrator to create Art Deco and Italian Futurist style illustrations. The vector format lends itself well to these styles that are known for their fields of color and geometric nature. I also frequently use Illustrator to create axonometric illustrations. The geometric nature of the program makes it ideal for this technical kind of rendering.

Vector based art created with Adobe Illustrator can be animated using Adobe After Effects to create motion graphics. To learn more see my After Effects and Premiere Pro Portfolio.


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