2024 Miami International Boat Show Program

MIBS 2024 Show Program

Design by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
Direction by Staci Gillingham, Emma Wright - Informa Markets

For more (and more up to date) information about the 2024 Miami International Boat Show visit their official site at MiamiBoatShow.com.

I am the guy who designs and illustrates the maps used for the show and the page layout of the program.

show program design

I did the page layout for the show program. It's just over twenty pages chock full of information to help maximize your time including my many map designs.

Page layout and tables were designed in Adobe InDesign. The maps are a combination of Sketchup Pro, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

* I did not design the cover or back cover and there are a few pages in there that were supplied by Informa Markets staff.
The whole thing is pretty collaborative. Thanks to the staff at Informa Markets.

If you would like to see more of my maps please see my portfolio.


Miami International Boat Show 2024
Miami Yachts Show 2020
A Miami Illustrated Map
Convention Center Map
Boat Show Map
Boat Show Transit Map
Show Proposal Rendering
SuperYacht Miami Show Map
Miami Strictly Sail Map
Miami Show Isometric Map
Custom Transit, Transportation and Parking Map
Miami Beach Convention Center Parking Map

Miami International Boat Show Maps 2024:

Venetian Marina and One Herald Plaza | Museum Park | Miami Beach Convention Center Map | Transportation Map | Pride Park Map | Program Layout


Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Map
A Miami Illustrated Map
Newport Beach boat show map
Illustrated Boat Show Map
Suncoast Boat Show
Boat Show Map
Panama Boat Show Map
International Boat Show Map
The St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show Map
Convention Center Map Design
Custom Parking and Transportation Map Using GeoData
Boat Show Bus Map
Illustrated Map of Marinas
Convention Center Map
SuperYacht Miami Show Map
Boat Show Map
Boat Show Transit Map
Show Proposal Rendering
Coastal Neighborhood Map
Miami International Boat Show 2022
Transit Map using GeoData


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