New Painting

New Portrait

Art by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics

I am happy to unveil a new oil painting I just completed of my son Jake.

Portrait in oils
I've been wanting to get back to doing some painting for my self and this is a great place to start. I would really like to expand into fine art at some point.

I have had a high success rate at turning crazy, creative ideas into actual projects that pleased my clients but sometimes it would be nice to pursue some ideas without the pressure of deadlines or the limitations of satisfying someone else's tastes or practical needs.

I've also come to realize lately that many of my clients for murals and more illustrative work can't visualize many concepts without an example. Doing finished quality color sketches or renderings isn't always practical especially considering the client may not like the idea anyhow. I have had a troubling number of clients ask me to copy other people's work lately and that may be, at least in part, because I haven't had enough examples and variety of my own work for them to view.

I hope you enjoy this painting and I intend to make it the first of many exploring new ideas and materials.


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