Architectural Style Map for a Wildlife Refuge

Detail map for the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO
Artist, Illustrator, Designer: John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
Visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary website at

2017 Wild Animal Sanctuary Main Map

2015 Wild Animal Sanctuary Main Map | 2015 Tiger Roundhouse
2015 Mile Into The Wild | 2015 Bolivian Lion House

2013 Wild Animal Sanctuary Main Map | 2013 Tiger Roundhouse
2013 Mile Into The Wild | 2013 Bolivian Lion House


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I'm not an architect, but sometimes an architect isn't who you want doing your architectural renderings. I can bring a more aesthetic approach to rendering a building, interior or venue. Sometimes the engineering accuracy of an architect is overkill and you just need to know what the inside of your restaurant or office will look like. Particularly in the case of making proposals for future construction no one wants to get bogged down in a discussion about the style of park benches outside or some other point of trivia. In that case an I have no problem keeping the specifics vague while still making the place look like somewhere you would like to go.

The maps I make can also be described as architectural renderings and I use some of the same software as architectural firms use to make them. I sometimes work from CAD files and I have collaborated directly with architectural firms. That having been said, if you need the precision, licensing or engineering prowess of an architect you should hire an architect, but under many if not most architectural rendering circumstances I may be a perfect fit for your needs.


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