The 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show Parking and Transit Map

Illustrated Boat Show Parking and Transit Map for Guests

Design by John Potter - Escape Key Graphics
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transit and parking map
I've just completed an updated version of the Palm Beach International Boat Show Parking and Transit Map. For now I am sending all links to the show site so that you can see the maps in action and ensure you get all of the most recent information about attending The 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Elegantly simple and based on Geo Data from OpenStreetMap to ensure accuracy, this map doesn't wow with creativity but it's what's best for this application. I can't overstate the value of guidance from Matt Ramirez and Santiago Stranham on this project and the primary show map.

Maps For Palm Beach International Boat Show:


This show features more than $1.2 billion worth of yachts and accessories, including hundreds of boats ranging from 8 foot inflatable boats to super yachts almost 300 feet long. It is considered one of the top five boat shows in the US. This show has a different vibe than the nearby Miami and Fort Lauderdale shows in that it's more quiet and less crazy and has easy parking and mass transit access. You can spend a few hours at The Palm Beach International Boat Show and also enjoy some local bars or restaurants. You can walk or take the trolley to City Place which is kind of West Palm Beach's entertainment district.

I illustrated the primary map for The Palm Beach International Boat Show every year from 2011 to present. In that time I changed the style, the software I use and changed things up to improve the map as the show has also grown. Even the format has changed. It used to be this really wide fold out thing. This has all taken place working closely with the staff of Show management which is now Informa. In addition to the primary map I illustrated maps for use in the phone app and signs. I also designed a transit map and a fold-able map for the show.


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